Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Weirdest celebrations from around the world

People around the world seem to be celebrating funny days throughout the year. Here's a look at some that stand out.

August 23 was celebrated as Vada Pav Day, not that anyone needs a day to celebrate the staple snack of Mumbai. But it was only six years ago — when a food chain registered the vada pav as its main business and corporatized it — that people start celebrating as Vada Pav Day.

While Vada Pav Day might be one of the 'serious' days celebrated during the year, when compared Proof Read Day, Be Late for Something Day, Namesake Day, Middle Child Day or World Rat Day. We bring to you some of the weirdest days celebrated during the year.

World Nude Day (February 6): The day commemorates setting yourself free. It's not about being vulgar. It's about having fun without your clothes. Many celebrities have done photoshoots and ads on World Nude Day over the years, but we wonder how practical it is for regular folks to celebrate it.

Pi Day (March 14): Just when you thought that you were done with Math and left it behind at school, comes March 14 to remind you to celebrate Pi, which is the relationship between the diameter and the circumference of a circle.

World Rat Day (April 4): It's been a decade since April 4 has been declared World Rat Day. Now you have a day in which you can possibly be nice to the usually reviled rodent.

International Pillow Fight Day (April 6): This has to be one of the most popular days to celebrate, as everyone loves a good pillow fight! Perhaps you can commemorate it with a slumber party.

World Naked Gardening Day (May 8): This day is celebrated by horticulturists for nude recreation. "Although the event is associated with the socio-cultural naturist movement, its founders assert the day is intended to be 'lighthearted, and devoid of politics'. One controls weeds, plants flowers and cuts hedges while naked, and this has been said to be a healthy practice. So next time you want to do something different, wait for May 8.

Towel Day (May 25): Towel Day is celebrated as a tribute to Douglas Adams, author of The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy. On this day, fans of the author carry towels to work or school for their daily activities to celebrate the fact that a towel is the "most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have". The most important point to remember on this day is to not panic. No matter what the day throws at you, you have your towel to protect you — unless you want to go the Ranbir Kapoor way in Saawariya.

World Naked Bike Ride Day (June 13): Similar to the World Naked Gardening Day, people take to the streets on their bicycles, naked. So go ahead and celebrate your free spirit.

World No Panty Day (June 22): This day is meant for women to celebrate a day that gives them freedom from panties. So all the guys out there might want to mark this on their calendars.

Bikini Day (July 5): It is the anniversary of the invention of the bikini and the goal is for people to head to the nearest beach in their itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny two-pieces.

International Kissing Day (July 6): Have you forgotten the simple pleasures of life? Well July 6 is just the day for you to rediscover that. Go ahead and indulge in some kissing, but spare strangers!

Bad Poetry Day (August 18): Always wanted to write poetry but never been great at penning verses? Then this is your day to celebrate your 'work of art'.

World Mosquito Day (August 20): Yes! There is a day to celebrate mosquitoes too! It commemorates the day when Dr Ronald Ross discovered that female mosquitoes transmit malaria between humans. But we are not sure if that means that you can't kill a mosquito on that day and wait to get bitten.

World Coconut Day (September 2): World Coconut Day was declared in 1998 in Vietnam to generate more awareness on the importance of coconut. So chill out by drinking coconut water through the day.

Boyfriends Day (October 3): Celebrate the day dedicated to your boyfriend by making it special for him or, he can make it special for you.

Mother-in-law Day (October 27): Close on the heels of Boyfriends Day, comes Mother-In-Law Day. Try pamper your moms-in-law on this day.